About Paula Vega Vondenstein

By Paula Vega Vondenstein

Married for the very first time at age 61 on October 10, 2015, Paula Vega Vondenstein (formerly Paula Helwick) began a new chapter in her life as bride and ministry partner to Harold Vega Vondenstein, whom she met through Christian Mingle on Christmas Day 2014. After years of living a lifestyle that did not give glory to God, Paula reached a crossroads in her life 16 years ago and made a personal commitment to God to remain celibate and trust Him to provide the right mate for her. Her motto was: “It’s God’s way or the highway.” Recently published in the Nov./Dec. issue of Gulf Coast Woman Magazine, Paula freely shares her story to greatly encourage other women that they do not have to sleep with a man prior to marriage to be considered marriage material.

Bold, articulate, and outspoken, Paula was amazed that she had actually found a man who embraced her boldness. In fact, God had so perfectly matched Harold and Paula to insure that each had skills that the other lacked. “Together we can accomplish things that neither one of us could accomplish on our own,” remarks Paula. During their early months of courtship, Harold and Paula spent most of their free time laying the groundwork for their ministry, Gateway to Glory, which will focus on Salvation and Deliverance.

Paula & Harold Vega Vondenstein live in Gulfport, Mississippi with their three Chihuahuas (Coco, Cody, and Casey).

Connect with Paula Vega Vondenstein:

Website: www.GatewayToGlory.org

Email: Paula@GatewayToGlory.org


About Harold Vega Vondenstein

By Paula Vega Vondenstein


Author, musician, and grateful follower of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Harold Vega Vondenstein’s life clearly illustrates the power of a transformed life of one who has totally surrendered to the things of God. Harold’s early life was marked by the tragedy of his biological dad’s suicide at the tender age of 10 and by the subsequent years of anger, confusion and lack of direction that followed. But God never gave up on Harold in the midst of his emotional trauma and pain and relentlessly pursued him during a 13 year period to draw him to Repentance, Deliverance, and Salvation.  

Led by the Holy Spirit of God to seek an equally yoked ministry partner and bride on Christian Mingle in December of 2014, Harold married Paula Vega Vondenstein on Oct. 10, 2015. Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are the founders of Gateway to Glory Ministries, which will focus on Salvation and Deliverance. They reside in Gulfport, Mississippi with their three Chihuahuas, Coco, Cody, and Casey.


Connect with Harold Vega Vondenstein:


Website: www.GatewayToGlory.org

Email: Harold@GatewayToGlory.org