A Musical Journey Of Original Songs
 by Harold Vega Vondenstein

Gulfport guitarist, singer and songwriter, Harold Vega Vondenstein, chronicles his remarkable journey towards repentance, deliverance and salvation through an eclectic collection of original mixed genre contemporary Christian music.  Harold recently released his very first CD “Change Train” and performed at Christian May Fest on May 7, 2017.

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"There Is No Life Without Jesus"

by Harold Vega Vondenstein

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Hi Harold,

Friday June 30, 2017 was a special day at the Family of Faith Christian Church. The evening was extremely enjoyable as well as spiritually entertaining. The selection of songs kept me on the edge of my seat by holding my attention to the originality of materials presented. Harold’s true story in becoming a yielded vessel in songs of worship and praise gave hope and inspiration to all in attendance. The joys of service to a team of Kingdom Builders in Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein are truly a force to be reckoned with ,To God be the glory, the power of His might, chosen for such a time as this.. We look forward to more of the blessing bestowed by this program real soon.

Pastor Glenn Johnson and the Family of Faith

Pastor Glenn Johnson

Senior Pastor, Family of Faith Christian Church in Biloxi, Mississippi



Hi Harold,

It’s so good to hear from you.  It’s so awesome to hear how God is using you through your music, radio station and deliverance ministry!!  Thank you for sharing that about the deliverance sermons that are on your radio station.  That’s so cool that you have found a way to connect that kind of content with people who need to hear it.  I am humbled and encouraged to know that God is still using those teachings.

I enjoyed listening to your music.  You have a gift for singing the blues for redemptive purposes.  That’s so cool!  Thanks for sharing those songs.  And thanks for continuing to fight the good fight.  I’m happy to call you my friend and brother!


Mark Price
Founding Pastor
Freedom Church
Daphne, Alabama

Mark Price

Senior Pastor, Freedom Church in Daphne, Alabama


We had a great time at a very special concert tonight.   Harold wove his personal testimony, original songs, and scripture into a wonderful experience that blessed everyone present.

Susan Petrey Carriker
Team Jesus Ministry